Reader’s Reviews


Reader’s review

“I recently had the pleasure of reading your latest book – I’m Bipolar and I Know It. Thank you for being so open and honest. Much of it’s content was helpful in my journey back into happiness and harmony.”

Sandi F

Reader’s review

“I’m in the middle of this [book] and strangely have more to relate to than I ever would have imagined! You are an amazing, strong and resilient woman … and your smile rocks!”

Teresa B

Reader’s review

“It’s powerful and moving, and gave me a feeling of lightness even though I live with much darkness. Reading through your poignant words, I could see a glimpse of life beyond myself and into another dimension where happiness might be possible. Thank you.”


Reader’s review

“An acquaintance of mine, Roni Askey-Doran, has written an excellent e-book about techniques she has used to heal herself and live with bipolar disorder and PTSD without medication. It is primarily written as a book for those with these disorders, but it also is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to help a friend, relative, or some one else they care for who is suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, or PTSD. Though the subject matter is serious, Roni keeps the mood upbeat and her sense of humor shines through in the writing. To find out more about the book, visit:

Tamia D

Reader’s review

“I finished your book last night and I just wanted to let you know that I think you’re amazing! I had no clue you were bipolar until I heard about the book. I bought it because I like your writing style and because I wanted to support you, but now that I have finished it, I think it should be on the self-help shelf of every library! Not just for bipolaroids, but also for anybody who suffers from depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder, or has a low self-esteem, or anybody who knows anybody like that! Which means everybody. Parts of your toolkit definitely struck a chord with me, and if I’d read your book in November-December 2012, maybe I would have been able to help Dani by saying/doing the right things… and maybe he would still be alive… I cried when I read the part for the family and friends… I have to say I feel even guiltier now, knowing that I said and did things which didn’t help, and didn’t say and do enough things to help… but that’s not your book’s fault. It’s a truly great book. Apart from the writing itself, I think your personal achievements are amazing too! You truly are a survivor and I really admire your perseverance and your strength.”

Melanie S

Reader’s Review

“This book is not only for ‘Bipolariods’ and people with depression, it’s for everyone. Refreshingly honest, with no traces of self pity and full of useful anecdotes, it’s an easy read. One of the things that gets us going on the path of healing is finding out we are not alone and not the only one. We are all broken somehow and understanding that is a huge step forward.”

Kerry P

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1 Response to Reader’s Reviews

  1. Yvet says:

    Roni!!! I loved your book! You know that we are kind of, well not the same, but we both have our little mental problems hahaha.. I learned a lot from your book, even people without bipolar can use it. It has good recomendations. I have the note on my miror: If you don´t see anyone beautiful everytime you look in the mirror: GET A NEW MIRROR!! hahaha
    Reminds me of you every day.. ;) Love you, you´re great and so is your book!!

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