I’m Bipolar And I Know It – The Book


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I’m Bipolar And I Know It; It Works Out! is my true-life story of living with Bipolar Disorder for four decades, the challenges I faced and how I overcame them with hard work and perseverance. My biggest issue was prescription drugs: I didn’t want to use them. Ever. It wasn’t easy. I chose a drug-free path and often struggled to get around the smallest pothole. People used to tell me that I was crazy, that it’s “all in my head.” Actually, it is in my head, that’s why it’s called “Mental Illness”. But it’s also physical and spiritual, and it’s influenced by many factors outside my head. In this struggle to live drug-free and reasonably balanced, I found a few amazing things that really did help me find a way to live comfortably alongside my Bipolar Disorder: I don’t eat wheat, I look in the mirror every day, I hug everyone, I write down my feelings, I eat red beets, I believe in me, and there are many more seemingly insignificant but hugely vital tools that I have learned to use over 40 years that help me to feel good and maintain the delicate balance. Learning all this was life-changing, and I want to share it with you. I believe this autobiographical insight into Bipolar Disorder will demonstrate to bipolar and depression sufferers and their loved ones that they are not alone, and that healing is possible. The demon never goes away, but I found a way to walk beside it in peace and maybe you can too. I’m Bipolar And I Know It is not a downer. In fact, it will probably make you laugh out loud, maybe shed a tear or two of happiness, and even jump for joy.

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ISBN-13 978-0-9757600-2-4
185 pages

$9.99 per copy

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